Reflecting on the Year that Was

Website Size Colin Campbell TaurangaAs I sit here to write my 2021 Christmas message it reminds me a lot of the movie Groundhog Day.

After 2020 and the initial success of keeping New Zealand clear of Covid-19, who would have thought we would be in the situation where the Government has accepted that Covid-19 will be in our communities and our ability to live life will, in a major way, be dictated by a Vaccine Pass.

Even more incredible is that we have gone from the shining star internationally to Auckland now the record holder for the longest Covid-19 Lockdown! And although the rest of the country opened for business, this was dramatically impacted by the economic engine room of the country being closed.

I expect that after 2020 people had a differing expectation of the way life would be in the future but I am unsure we, as optimistic New Zealanders, had any idea what 2021 would deliver to us!

After so many notable points occurred in 2020, I was hoping this year’s message would be a simpler message of positive outcomes on the back of a post-Covid economic boom. How wrong you can sometimes be.

It is worth just listing a few of the key points that 2021 will be remembered for:

  • Covid-19 type Delta
  • Auckland Lockdown
  • The return of Inflation with a 10 year high, and interest rate starting to rise
  • Labour shortages across the BOP building industry
  • Raw Material shortages across the BOP building industry
  • Three Waters reform
  • Groundswell
  • Freight cost increases of 500%
  • New Zealand burns imported dirty coal to keep electric cars charged
  • Lisa Carrington! (no more needs to be said)
  • Black Caps win World Test Championship and lose T20 final (again!)
  • All Blacks worst year in over a decade
  • 2021 Summer Olympic Games with no spectators
  • James Bond killed off (or was he?)
  • The cancellation of the Team Local Xmas Function for the first time ever

So again, in this busy time of year, I encourage you to take a few minutes to count your blessings. We continue to have so much to be thankful for - the strength of the local economy, our businesses, family and friends, to name a few. 

After a hectic two years, use the Christmas break to recharge your batteries and reinvigorate your passion for the things that are important to you as an individual. Take time to show kindness and support for people less fortunate than yourself. Make sure your family and friends know you appreciate them, and take the time you need to look after yourself.

As always, I am aware that the success of Team Local rests upon the support of our provider members and the efforts of the board, ably supported by David Hodgson. I know when the market is so buoyant people may question the benefit of Team Local, so let me take this opportunity to ensure membership is a huge benefit, and to thank you again for your support and engagement.

After two years of very little provider interaction, I am optimistic that we will have more opportunities to network in 2022. Please use these opportunities to maximise the value of Team Local and the network of local business owners that Team Local presents.

I look forward to the APP implementation and the increased opportunities that will bring for providers to interact with the Team Local Builder members.

On behalf of the Team Local Board, let me end by once again thanking you for your support and continued backing of Team Local. We wish you a safe and very happy Christmas, and a New Year filled with productivity and prosperity (and no lockdowns).

Colin Campbell
Team Local Chairman