Team Provider Feature: Trufold

Team Provider TrufoldOur Tauranga local specialist in powder coating, flashings and waterjet cutting, Trufold is also an approved Dulux applicator with a facility to spray Duratech products.

Flashings in a Flash

Trufold's sheetmetal fabrication service is very popular with our Team Builders most of whom need quality flashings as quickly as possible to keep pace with their building projects.

The Trufold team can precision cut sheetmetal on site with their waterjet cutter, 8m slitter folder or 6m guillotine. Many of these are then pushed through to the in-house powder coaters for finishing or they can arrange for special coating applications as well, such as anodising.

Precision Waterjet Cutting

The impressive range of materials able to be precision cut through Trufold's waterjet cutting equipment is incredible - from 150mm thick steel through to plastic and everything in between.

If you have a need for a special part that is difficult to find or just doesn't actually exist yet then you can bring your idea to the team at Trufold and they'll get the drawings sorted or take your drawings and get them produced.

Finish in Colour

Whether you have had an item produced through the Trufold flashings or waterjet cutting services, or if you have a finished item you've had made elsewhere, go and see the guys at Trufold to get your product powder coated to a high quality finish.

Trufold's powder coating service is ideal for everything from window extrusions to gates, balustrades, car chassis and more. Basically anything made out of metal.

If you want a long lasting and visually appealing finish for your metal product then make sure you choose an approved Dulux applicator for the 20-year guarantee and high quality result.

Rewards Points

And don't forget to let the team know you are a Team Builder when you put your next order through Trufold. You will get rewards points for every dollar you spend - points you can save up and spend on anything at all! 1 point = $1.