Welcome to Team Local

Team Local is a loyalty scheme originally established for builders & sub-trades in the Tauranga region, rewarding their support for our local Team Provider suppliers when purchasing their products and services. 
As a Team Builder member, you will earn points every time you purchase the goods & services supplied by any of our affiliated Team Providers, owners of Team Local. Points are then able to be used to any purchase products & services from any Tauranga business - if a Team Provider or Preferred Downspender is able to provide the products or services you want then you must use them.
For more on earning and using points through the Team Local loyalty scheme, read more on our Join Team Local page here.
Membership to become a Team Builder is free and open to any Tauranga business wanting to use the products & services offered by our Team Providers - not just builders & sub-trades. Join us today and start earning rewards for your business here.
Spend your Team Local points on products and services from our Downspender partners:


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