5 Ways FREE Ways To Support Business

Supporting Local 1Due to the lockdown and the overall pandemic’s impact on the economy, there has been a push to ‘buy NZ made’ and ‘shop/buy local’.

While you may not be able to purchase goods or services from a small business, there is still plenty you can do to show your support.

Here are a few ways you can support our local businesses without hurting your wallet:

1. Word-of-Mouth

Despite this being the age of social media, word-of-mouth still goes a long way. People are 90% more likely to trust and buy from a brand they recommend and word-of-mouth is estimated to account for 13% of a business’s sales (Source).

2. Like/Comment/Share

Small businesses on social media are often left in the dust alongside bigger businesses with big budgets. A simple but effective way to help them reach a larger audience is liking (good), commenting (better) or sharing (best) their posts with your friends and family.

3. Sign up for newsletters

If there is a small business product or service that you love but can’t afford at the moment, check if they have a newsletter or eNews to subscribe to. Helping grow their database is a great way to help these businesses grow.

4. Reviews

When buying a product or service online, many potential customers check reviews as a way to compare and evaluate options. A good review can not only great word-of-mouth and a plus for someone’s business but could also make someone’s day.

5. Visit their website

Something as simple as looking for a business’s website and clicking on their website link from Google can play a big part in helping to improve their Google ranking. The Google ranking is the position that a website is listed in Google when a user searches for that phrase or keyword - it can have a huge impact on your business.