Team Local Xmas Gathering 2020

What a brilliant night!

Despite the heavy rain and storm rolling through, we had a great turnout of Team Providers and Team Builders attend our annual end-of-year event this year, and keen to try their hand at the Bathurst V8 Race simulator.

Kicking off the event with a short word on behalf of the Team Local board of directors, David Hodgson then jumped straight on into our prize draw of Christmas hams, 3x stunning Wall Art pieces from Glass Art and a $600 Social Media voucher from Lit Marketing.

With a food truck and the spit roast company keeping everyone well fed for the night plus an open bar with beer, wines and non-alcoholic drinks keeping everyone's thirst quenched, the conversations flowed and the entertainment focused on the Bathurst V8 Race simulator.

A huge thanks to our Team Providers for sponsoring this event and to those Team Builders who came along.

And another great reason to join Team Local and be part of this fantastic, growing Tauranga only initiative.


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