Team Provider Survey Shows a Positive Outlook

BUY LOCAL2As Tauranga’s only loyalty programme and group organisation dedicated to the local construction industry, we have found ourselves in a unique position recently providing support and guidance to our Team Local members. A survey of Team Providers indicates a positive outlook, at least in the short-term, for the industry in Tauranga.

Team Local’s administration manager, David Hodgson, undertook a survey of our Team Providers in order to get a better gauge of how our members’ businesses were fairing post-lockdown.

“On the whole the results have been relatively positive given the challenging circumstances,” confirms David. “Team Providers have all been effected to varying degrees and almost all are concerned by the economic impact still to come.”

A significant proportion of our members took advantage of the wages subsidy and other support packages offered by the government. It is clear from our survey that while this financial assistance has helped businesses stay afloat and many are now working full speed on projects that were underway before the lockdown period, there is uncertainty around new work through the pipeline.

“Financially, we will begin to feel the true impact of the lockdown once the wages subsidy runs out and business have no new work booked ahead,” explains David. “The full picture will become clearer between July and October.”

However, it seems most businesses in the construction industry are taking some level of confidence and security from the significant positives in our region including agriculture, horticulture, low reliance on Tourism, low interest rates and large enterprises such as the Port of Tauranga continuing to grow in the Bay of Plenty.

Team Local is also doing everything possible to support stability and growth for and with our members’ businesses by jumping on board with the ‘Buy Local’ campaigns currently being the driving force in all our communities and regions throughout New Zealand. Helping our local construction industry to grow by rewarding member businesses when they buy their goods and services from our local Team Providers has always been our strongest message.

David is already seeing this message get through, “Feedback from our Team Builder members is indicating good levels of enquiry coming in for their businesses, with reasonable conversion to contracts.”